Qigong and brain waves

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Qigong and its relationship to brain waves

People have different brain waves. These are expressed in Hertz (Hz).
Brain waves change with your activities or because of the thoughts you experience. The brain's imagination is so strong that the body has difficulty distinguishing between an imagination and what is really happening. Therefore, for example, only a thought about something, can bring about an emotion.

Herewith a summary of brain waves:
* Gamma waves: 38 to 80 Hz.
These arise during intense mental activities. Think of problem solving, studying or high intense concentration.
* Beta waves: 14 to 38 Hz. 
Beta waves come when one is active and doing standard daily activities. These waves provide concentration and alertness. When there is too much of these, one starts experiencing stress. When one sleeps or does meditation, these waves decrease again.
* Alpha waves: 8 to 14 Hz.
When one is relaxed, daydreaming or sleeping, these waves are active.*
Beta waves: 4 to 8 Hz.

Beta waves: 4 to 8 Hz.During creative pursuits, these waves become active. Also during the REM phase of sleep, when dreaming, these waves are active.
This sleep phase is necessary for people to process events of the day. Therefore, people who sleep poorly experience problems in this area.
* Delta waves: 0.5 to 4 Hz.
Delta waves are active during deep sleep. Before and after REM sleep. The body can recover during this phase where it also creates new cells.

(Source: https://herseninstituut.nl/het-brein/begrippenlijst/hersengolven/)

When people practice Qigong, it is measurable what effect it has on the brain and brain waves. The link below refers to a study that used EEG technology. The study distinguished between four areas.

1- Normal state of being
2- Showing a video of a particular Qigong form
3- Doing this form mentally and in imagination
4- Actually physically doing the form.

In addition, there is a distinction with eyes open, and eyes closed.
As can be seen, a lot happens with the increase in certain brainwaves.

Theta and Alpha increase sharply. With eyes closed or open, also makes a big difference.
This is because the eyes are an important sense organ and have a lot of influence on Beta brainwaves. As soon as you close the eyes, Beta already decreases automatically. But even doing the shape in your mind, thinking about it, also changes the brainwaves

So with Qigong, with can influence the course of brainwaves.

(Source: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00154/full)

Bram Griffioen
Qigong teacher at InRoot

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