At InRoot, we strive to use Qigong and guidance
to encourage the individual to make sustainable behavioral changes from within themselves.


Our mission at InRoot is to promote sustainable behavior change and make a positive impact on the well-being of our community. We believe Qigong is a powerful tool to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. At InRoot, we strive to inspire, guide and support individuals to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and create inner balance and well-being.

Our mission to create sustainable behavior change te bevorderen rust op drie pijlers

1- Awareness:

We want to create awareness about the benefits of Qigong and its potential to bring about positive change.

We share knowledge and information about the scientific basis of Qigong and its impact on physical, mental and emotional health.

2- Education:

We strive to offer high-quality and accessible Qigong classes and training programs.

Students are guided step by step through the exercises, taught proper techniques and helped to create a deeper connection with themselves.

3- Community:

We want to create a supportive and inclusive community where people can meet, share experiences and learn from each other.

We organize workshops, events and retreats where Qigong practitioners come together to share their passion for this art.

Join us on this wonderful journey to
and a deeper connection to life.