Group lessons - Forms

Learn various forms and deepen your own training.

Forms are a sequence of Qigong movements, each with its own purpose and effect. Some forms are just 3 movements, others are a sequence of 64 movements in a row. The forms I learnt belong to the Buddhist and Daoist Qigong movement and were handed down from my teacher and his teacher before him.


* Zhang Zhuang
* 3-Wips
* Waves On the Ocean
* Swimming dragon
* Harmony

* Dragon Pearl ( Longzhu)
* Ba Duan Jin
* Shaolin Ba Duan Jin

* One Finger Zen
* Shaolin Li Gong
* Tao Chi Jizhu
* 12 Jizhu Gong

* Tao Chi Qigong
* Xi Sui Jing
* Kulun Dayan Shen
* Kulun Dayan 64 form

* Theory: explanation of internal (mental) goals of Qigong practice seen from TCM.

Qigong kent sequenties van bewegingen als een vorm welke in een groepsles kunnen worden aangeleerd.

In Rotterdam, InRoot offers group lessons to learn these.
Before starting to learn forms, it is advisable to build up a basic foundation in the beginners' lessons.


* Trial lesson: € 10
* Single lesson: € 15
* 10 lessons package deal: € 125

If desired, you can also opt for a few one-on-one sessions for a specific form
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