Qigong – Beginnerstraining


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Some advance information
Qigong literally means working with life energy and works through movement, breathing, concentration and self-massage. Through Qigong, one can learn to cultivate and master this life energy, or Qi. The goal is for the Qi to flow freely in the body, bringing preventive and curative health benefits. The changes due to Qigong are often noticed first physically and later also mentally.


What are we going to do?
- Every week we do variations on exercises, especially for beginning students. Always with the aim of practicing softening the body and mind and achieving Rujing
- Breathing is practiced, with gentle warm-up stretching and stretching (Renshen and ShenZhan)
- Movements and/or short forms are practiced which are a sequence of Qigong movements


Supporting theory
To support practice, I provide information by email/whatsapp before or after class about what we have done or relevant to know.
If you decide to come and train more often, you will also get access to the members' section of the website with exercises and tips for clarification.


Tips for training
For class, wear easy and loose-fitting clothes. Dress in layers sothat you can take something on or off. During your workout, you may feel heat or get cold. Wear preferably flat shoes without a heel. This makes it easier to learn to recognise and feel your own centre of gravity, which improves balance.


It can be very easy to make a video to practise at home. It helped me myself to remember it that way. My own teacher then always filmed myself and did not allow himself to be filmed. I use that method too. I am happy to help to make a good movie.


How long does the lesson last?
The class lasts around 60 minutes.
Please arrive 10-5 minutes in advance so that we can start the class on time.

Interested in attending?
Then register using the form below. I will then contact you for additional information such as location and to answer any questions you may have.
I will also send a payment request. Once payment is received, your registration is confirmed.

Cost for the first lesson is €10 after that it is €13,-.

Please come 10 to 5 minutes in advance so we can start the class on time.
In the unlikely event of any changes, I will inform you immediately.

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personal data in accordance with the privacy statement(*)
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