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Some advance information
Practicing Zen is a practice rooted in mindfulness, meditation and introspection. It involves cultivating deep awareness of the present moment, focusing on breathing, body sensations and thoughts without judgment. Zen practitioners strive to achieve a state of mental clarity and inner peace through regular meditation.

What to expect.
Actually, you can expect "nothing. And so that is my hope that what you are going to find in it. It would be nice if you can get into it like that and realize that you don't have to change 'anything'. Everything is already good the way it is now. My hope is that people will be inspired by it to apply Zen meditation in everyday life.

How it will play out
The meditation lasts 20 minutes followed by the reading of a short Taoist/Buddhist text.

Come back to meditate as often as you like. Participation in this meditation is on a Dana basis.
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 - Tao Te Ching deel 23

Less spoken, words speak for themselves naturally.
Therefore gusts cannot chill the exuberant day,
Showers cannot turn day to dusk.
Why is it so?
Even the heaven and earth cannot counter its own force,
Let alone people?
Therefore those engaged with the Dao takes pleasure that,
The Taught is the Dao,
The Virtuous is the Virtue,
The perplexed is perplexity.
At one with the Dao, the Dao is welcoming;
At one with Virtue, Virtue be appreciating;
At one with perplexity, perplexity be gratifying.
Lack of belief,
Explains the disbelief in this futility.


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