Self-knowledge is the condition for personal growth

The ability to feel consciously is a

valuable addition to the ability to think.

My name is Bram Griffioen

Since my childhood, I have an affinity with martial arts and the concept of internal energy. In my teens, I practised karate for several years. I also later took Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style classes. The warrior always played a role in my life. Nowadays, I enjoy taking lessons in Wing Chun kungfu in Rotterdam.

In 2018, I came across Qigong. I was fascinated by the movements, but also by the concept and history behind them. While practising, I soon noticed the need to deepen my knowledge of Qigong. As a result, I started looking for a teacher and have been a student at the at the Tao Chi academy in The Hague since 2019.

Qigong_Bram Griffioen_Rotterdam_lessen

Meanwhile, I have completed the first and second years and am now a certified instructor.
And so I give lessons and instruction in Taoist and Buddhist Qigong and individual coaching.