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Qigong freely translated: Working with Life Energy

Working with life energy?

Welkom bij InRoot Qigong. Qigong (Chi Kung) is een meer dan 5000 jaar oude Chinese bewegingsleer waarmee je jouw gezondheid kan verbeteren, waarmee je stress effectief kan reduceren en waarmee je jezelf lichamelijk en geestelijk kan ontwikkelen.

Qigong works through movement, concentration, breathing and self-massage. Qigong exercises cultivate, control and direct Qi (Chi).
Qi - represents the life force in everything that lives.
Gong - stands for "art or skill.
Freely translated, qigong means "working with life energy.

Over the centuries, Qigong has continued to evolve and is part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
InRoot Qigong gelooft dat Qigong naast de westerse geneeskunde een waardevolle aanvulling kan zijn als complementaire geneeskunde en dienen als ziektepreventie en het verbeteren van de algehele vitaliteit.

werken met levensenergie_Qigong

Qigong may help

  • To improve overall health
  • Reduce tension and stress
  • In support of therapy
  • Improving breathing
  • Increasing concentration
  • In support of martial arts and athletes
  • Improving
    balance for fall prevention

Effecten die binnen een
aantal weken ervaren kunnen worden:

  • A better sleeping pattern
  • A more relaxed feeling
  • An overall better condition
  • Feeling more vital and cheerful
  • Experiencing more balance
  • Experiencing more self-confidence

Why InRoot

The name InRoot, is derived from the English word 'to enroot'. Which means to root. Inroot means to root from your core.
Why is this especially important now? We live in a fast-paced modern society.

Sometimes, we unintentionally pass ourselves by. Using Qigong, people learn to effectively connect with their bodies and their natural source. Movement and knowledge of one's own body also works on the inner self.
Door Qigong verandert men zowel lichamelijk als mentaal.

Nature can serve as inspiration. Like the yew tree, for example. This tree begins as a humble shrub and continues to grow as a tree. The tree is able to renew itself from within each time. Each time the tree takes root within itself. The yew is a strong example of change through adaptation, matching what is happening around us.